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Terms & Conditions

    1. Shyam Music will require deposit to confirm the booking, all deposits are non-refundable. Bookings are only valid for the date and venue outlined in the booking form.
    2. Shyam Music will require final payments to be made no later than 14 days before the event date. Shyam Music holds the right to cancel the booking due to non-payment.
    3. If the Client cancels the booking or the event does not go ahead for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited. The Client will be liable to pay 100% of the booking fee if the event is cancelled within 3 months of the event date.
    4. All cancellations must be notified and made in writing via email.
    5. Outdoor ceremonies are subject to an additional £65 charge. Outdoor ceremonies are strictly weather permitting – if there is any rain scheduled at any point during the day, Shyam Music will refuse to set-up outdoors due to electrical safety.
    6. The Client is responsible for notifying Shyam Music of an outdoor ceremony at the time of booking.
    7. Mandap Ropan/ Mandvo/ Ganesh Puja ceremonies when conducted on the same day are subject to additional £100 charge and subject to adequate set-up time available.
    8. Shyam Music will require a minimum 120 minutes before the start time of the event to set-up and 90 minutes after the event to take equipment down.
    9. The Client must ensure on-site parking is available, if parking is limited and/ or requires payment, it is the Client’s responsibility to ensure this is arranged for and costs are covered and paid for in advance of the wedding event. If Shyam Music is required to make any parking payments, an invoice will be issued following the event.
    10. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that a minimum of two 220-240v UK power points are located within 30meters of the mandap/ set up area. Shyam Music will not run cables to serve a power point located any longer than 30meters due to health and safety reasons.
    11. No direct music output will be provided to the Client’s videographer to prevent the misuse of our own music. Videographer’s may take recordings via speakers placed in the venue.
    12. The Client will be liable for any damage caused by wedding guests to Shyam Music property.
    13. Shyam Music will not be responsible for any damage or loss, to private or public property caused by invited guests or members of the public.
    14. Shyam Music will not sign any documents with the venue on the day of the event. It is the Client’s responsibility to inform Shyam Music of any requirements ahead of the event.
    15. Shyam Music will not be held responsible for any loss or lack of power at the venue, resulting in no power for our equipment. This is the responsibility of the Client and venue, particularly when conducing outdoor events. The provisions of Clause 10 apply.
    16. Shyam Music will always act in a fully responsible attitude during attendance at the event.
    17. In the unlikely event that Shyam Music is unable to attend personally due to accident or sudden illness, Shyam Music shall endeavour to provide a suitable substitute offering a similar service at no additional charge to the Client. This does not apply in circumstances detailed in Clause 18.
    18. Shyam Music will not be liable for failing to attend a booking, where the reason for non-attendance or late arrival is caused by adverse weather conditions (including Snow & Flooding), road closure, road traffic accident, acts of terrorism, industrial action, or other unavoidable circumstances deemed beyond our control.
    19. Licences for the performance of recorded music are only required at public events. In most cases private parties, such as weddings which are invitation only and attract no entrance fee do not require a licence. It is the Clients responsibility to obtain such licences if required. Should Shyam Music be prevented from performing due to the absence of any appropriate licence or similar permission or should the performance be cancelled for any other reason, the provisions of Clause 3 will apply.
    20. Shyam Music will provide certificates of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Portable Appliance Testing (P.A.T) in according to the Health & Safety at Work Act Regulations.
    21. It is the responsibility of the Client to advise us if there are any sound restrictions are the venue such as sound limiters.
    22. In the instance, the event goes beyond 60minutes from the time stated in the agreed itinerary, Shyam Music will do their best to accommodate. Fees for extended times are at a rate of £50 per hour.
    23. Should the Client be required to make changes to the event date due to Government requirements, Shyam Music will offer an alternative date at no additional cost.