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Indian Wedding Ceremony

Music Specialists

Specially Crafted For Your Hindu Ceremony

We pride ourselves in creating the perfect musical ambiance for your Hindu wedding ceremony, taking you and your guests on a magical journey through the wonders and emotions of the Hindu wedding ceremony from the outset. For us, there is nothing more important than getting to know our couples, at the start we’re suppliers by the end we’re like family! We love spending time with our brides and grooms to get to know them, so that we can deliver a touching and bespoke wedding ceremony.

No matter what you want, we’re here to share your story through music!


Creating the perfect musical ambiance and evoking the emotions through each stage of the ceremony

State Of The Art Sound

Rich and clear sound, whether seated near or far, all guests will enjoy crystal clear sound from our top of the line sound system

Selection Of Music

Building a bespoke ceremony music package for each of our Bride & Grooms, incorporating everything from traditional Lagna Geet to custom musical themes

About Us

We specialise in music for silent Indian wedding ceremonies, providing a unique yet traditional musical atmosphere for your special day. This form of ceremony is centred around bringing the couple, the priest, the guests and the music together to create an engaging yet stunning wedding ceremony. Creating a magical musical atmosphere alongside to enhance the traditional rituals of the Hindu wedding, gives us the opportunity to bring out the emotions and laughter in a glowing Indian wedding. This is the biggest day of your lives, and we take pride in having the opportunity to be part of your wedding ceremony by creating a special musical memory for you and your guests.

We take pride in creating the perfect moment for each stage of your wedding ceremony, and are constantly innovating by writing and producing our very own wedding music in both Gujarati and Hindi. The new music is produced for the various stages of the Hindu wedding ceremony, to create a memorable moment for you and your guests.

For me, it’s all about building that relationship with the bride & groom, and treating each wedding as if it were my own family event. Most of all, creating the perfect musical notes for their big day and seeing their reactions to the music at various stages of the ceremony makes it all worth it!

Shyam Patel

Shyam, you have been truly amazing to work with throughout. We have known you for ten years and were so pleased when you agreed to do our wedding, it made it that much more special having someone close to us be a huge part of our day. We had a lot of fun working with you in the lead up to the wedding, talking about the day, logistics and the huge variety of song chouses that we could work with. Your expertise and recommendations made it all work out so well and that much more enjoyable on the day. We have received many compliments from our guests on the music throughout and that is all credit to you. You dealt with Natasha’s stresses the day before the wedding and were so impressed with how well you timed her entrance to a song that was different from the norm. Thank you again so much and for not being only a reliable supplier but a great friend to us.

Natasha & HenishSurrey (Home Ceremony)

We have had so many compliments on how beautiful the ceremony was and so much of that is because of the atmosphere you help create - it was exactly what we wanted and the music was spot on. Thank you for your time beforehand and the day itself, we are forever grateful and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family!

Neha & JagdishKeythorpe Manor

I just wanted to take a beat to properly say thank you for the wedding ceremony music. I have received tones of compliments about how happy I was and that’s because the music was so upbeat that I couldn’t help but keep dancing. You timed the song entry perfectly and somehow put a personal touch on the inbetween music after only meeting us for a short period of time! Thank you so much once again

Rakhee & NimeshHylands House

We both wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Everyone we spoke to absolutely loved the music and all commented on how it all fit together perfectly. The ceremony was beautiful and the music made it that extra special. That’s all down to you so thank you and we hope to see you at another wedding soon!

Risha and TajeSopwell House

Shyam was by far one of our best suppliers, I cannot fault him on anything. We have had so, so many compliments on the personalised wedding music, and it was honestly so heart-warming to hear my late grandfather’s name in the wedding music whilst I was under the mandap - it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I was lucky enough to have a team of amazing suppliers and would highly recommend Shyam for wedding music, any day!

Reena & NeilArdington House, Oxford

Honestly, we don’t even know where to start, from the moment we met you, you’ve been nothing but amazing, easy going and so incredibly helpful. From helping find our Maharaj after the hiccup, Blesson choosing his entrance song the night before, to creating the most magical day of our lives, you have gone above and beyond for us. We are so incredibly thankful to you. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for everything you have done for us. Thank you for being a part of the most important day of our lives.

Nikita & BlessonHatfield House

Our Music

We pride ourselves in being innovative and creating new music to enrich the traditional religious ceremonies with the perfect musical notes and Lagna Geet. As writers and producers of Gujarati and Hindu wedding music, we aim to create the perfect setting no matter your requirements. For us at Shyam Music, building that friendship with our brides & grooms is so important as it allows us to understand how we can create the perfect musical atmosphere for their special day, and bring them on the journey of learning about how the music will play an important part in creating the perfect atmosphere for their special day.

Enquire Today

We’d love to help share your story musically so get in touch to discuss further. You can fill out the form below or email us on We are ready to help and will be delighted to hear from you.


We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you during your planning process. Our goal is to take away all the music stress from you.

What is a silent ceremony?

Many Priests conduct silent ceremonies where the focus is on the Bride & Groom, guests, and co-ordinated music to make the ceremony engaging. Having the right music to capture and evoke those emotions at different stages of the ceremony is an important element of this type of ceremony

Can you help us chose a Priest for our ceremony?

Absolutely, we work closely with a number of Priests who specialise in silent weddings, who can translate and explain the ceremony in English, Gujarati or Hindi

Can you help us pick the right music?

This is the fun part! We take you through each stage of the ceremony ahead of the big day, to build the perfect music list for your event.

Can we give you our music suggestions?

Absolutely! Each event is bespoke and tailored for each Bride and Groom, therefore we are more than happy to work with you to incorporate your favourite songs.

Can you create custom music for our wedding?

Most definitely, we have the pleasure of working with some of the most talented writers, producers and music in the UK and India to create the perfect music for any element of your special day.

Can you help us arrange live musicians to work alongside you?

Most definitely. We work closely with an array of talented musicians, whether that be Harmonium, Flute, Tabla or Sitar players, which we can incorporate into the wedding day music.

What insurance and safety procedures do you have in place?

We are fully insured and provide the venue with Public Liability Insurance (PLI), Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and risk assessments ahead of the event.

My wedding venue has a noise limiter. Can you work with that?

That’s not problem at all, prior to each event we liaise with venue managers to ensure the appropriate measures are in place including sound checks if required.